Design & Development​

Design criteria and requirements for PCBs have increased significantly in recent years. Electronic components are becoming increasingly complex and smaller and PCBs must be able to contain an ever-increasing variety of components.


JTC supports the customer by optimizing an existing pcb design or developing a completely new layout, but also with compatible test fixtures.


Together with the customer, we look for a solution that minimizes costs while maintaining the highest quality level.

We help our customers to perfect their pcba & mechanical design, select the best components and determine the best teststrategy.

Optimal production of an electronic assembly
begint met een optimale PCB lay-out

JTC is member van het EDM forum van imec en ontwerpt en optimaliseert volgens hun richtlijnen, hun design rules en hun “design for excellence (DfX)”. Deze richtlijnen zijn opgesteld volgen de IPC-standaardisatienormen en zijn het resultaat van meer dan 10 jaar gemeenschappelijk onderzoek door imec in samenwerking met de branchegenoten. 

 JTC adviseert al hun klanten om deze DfX-richtlijnen van imec te volgen. Meer informatie zie




Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can develop a product for you that is fully tailored to your needs.


Your “unique” product can consist of providing extra functions on an existing device or pcb, as well as developing a completely new product with new functionalities, completely customized to your needs using:


- PC platforms
– embedded software
– micro-controllers
- electronic design (digital and analog)
- advanced PCB routing
– mechatronics

We help our clients to perfect their pcba & mechanical design,
select the best components and determine the best teststrategy

Hardware Design & Development

From the very first design concept, our hardware engineers perform analysis and make final recommendations for the best design and teststrategy. DfT and DfM provide maximum production yield and minimal slip-through.


Om dit te garanderen zorgen wij tijdens het ontwerp dat:


  • – de juiste PCB materialen en componenten worden gebruikt
  • – de PCB de juiste EMC en thermische beheersing en maatregelen heeft
  • – de juiste design rules worden gehanteerd

3D design of the PCB during the layout phase ensures that the PCB will fit in its housing. This way, collision tests are performed early on during layout development.


JTC Micro Electronics Test Fixture

Together with the customer, we determine whether existing test equipment is sufficient for the functional tests. When insufficient, we can upgrade existing test fixtures or design and build a completely new test bench.

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