Test Engineering​

Functional tests (FCTs) are used as a final step to validate that the product's hardware is defect-free based on a pass / fail system on the finished PCBs prior to shipment.

Our experienced team of test engineers examines the final assembly through FCT board tests that simulate the environment in which the actual assembly will have to perform.

With functional tests it is possible to test up to 100% of the products
test before shipment

Our knowledge and expertise in the field of PCBA and test fictures enables us to guide and advise the customer on test setups, procedures, evaluation of test options and propose best test methods to improve product performance, manufacturability, quality and reliability.


We can use existing test beds and protocols, or our experienced staff can develop a testplatform for your product.


The requirements of a functional test, development and procedures differ greatly between PCBs and systems.

The customer determines the specifications and test procedures,
we'll do the rest




FCT Process

During the FCT, the firmware is uploaded and the functionality of a PCB is verified.


The PCBA is subjected to a series of signals and power supplies and the results are checked at specific points to ensure that functionality is correct.


This allows us to detect incorrect component values, functional faults and parametric faults.

JTC Micro Electronics Test Fixture




FCT Expertise

We can assist the customer from the early design phase and support them through:


  • - conducting design reviews and validation
  • - DFM (Design for Manufacturability) controls
  • - DFT (Design for Testing) recommendations
  • - Netlist verification
  • - EOL component assessment (End of Life)
  • - cost-optimized BOM (Bill of Materials) generation.
JTC Micro Electronics Testing
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