Our mission​

Striving for perfection, we offer our customers fully integrated services in high-performance printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), mechanics and complete turnkey solutions used for versatile electronic applications in a wide variety of industries

The products, services and our processes are continuously monitored and kept up-to-date to guarantee quality and innovation thanks to 25 years of experience, backed by long-term partnerships with our suppliers who share our working philosophy and quality standards.

As an EMS partner, we strive to guide, advise and supply our customers with all their electronics projects. In any phase of the process, regardless of the volume, we offer total solutions. With the best quality as a foundation, and flexibility, communication, dynamics and competitive prices as 4 cornerstones, we have been an established value in electronics production for more than 25 years.

25 years of experience
supported by long-term partnerships

We are an established and dynamic Belgian family business and strongly believe in honesty, transparency and respect towards our customers, but certainly also towards our employees. We offer all our employees opportunities for professional and human growth and stimulate and motivate them through training and increasing responsibility, in an environment imbued with team spirit and result-oriented.

We treat every customer as if it were our first, our last, our only… Being the biggest doesn't interest us, being the best all the more…





Your assemblies are in the hands of the most motivated and talented group of Sales Engineers, Program Managers, Process Engineers, Team Leaders, QC Personnel and Kit Auditors

JTC Micro Electronics Kristof Cleuren CEO & Sales

Kristof Cleuren – CEO & Sales

JTC Micro Electronics Christophe Sauwens Sales

Christophe Sauwens –  Sales Engineer

JTC Micro Electronics Rino Manniello Sales

Rino Manniello –  Sales Engineer

JTC Micro Electronics Christophe Chris Thijs - Operations

Chris Thijs – Operations

JTC Micro Electronics Christophe Geert Poisquet - Design & Ontwikkeling

Geert Poisquet – Design & Development

JTC Micro Electronics Kelly Kerkhofs Inkoop

Kelly Kerkhofs – Purchasing

JTC Micro Electronics Christophe Maassen Lead TH

Christoph Maassen – Lead TH

Sam AJTC Micro Electronics Sam Vanempten - Lead AssemblyVanempten

Sam Vanempten – Lead Assembly

JTC Micro Electronics Marco Vullo - Verantwoordelijke SMD

Marco Vullo – Lead SMD

JTC Micro Electronics Marc Dieu Lead Warehouse

Marc Dieu – Lead Warehouse

JTC Micro Electronics Isella Frenay - Administratie & boekhouding

Isella Frenay - Administration & Accounting

JTC AMicro Electronics Sarah Ruyters Onthaal & administratie

      Sarah Ruyters - Reception & administration

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JTC stands for quality, flexibility & reliability

As one of the leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies in the Benelux, we are the go-to partner for assembling and testing all your printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs)

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