Supply Chain Management

Thanks to our extensive supply chain management services, our customers benefit from extra delivery reliability and flexibility.


Together with the customer we set up a framework contract which covers:


  • - contract duration
  • - total order quantity
  • - lead times
  • - minimum order quantities


Based on the customer's order forecasts, we take care of all communication with the suppliers to confirm the desired quantities and lead times for the required components and materials.


At component and final product level, a safety stock can be discussed in order to cover unforeseen demands.

These extra services offers you maximum flexibility at minimal cost.
JTC Micro Electronics Supply Chain Management Web
Our supply chain management services guarantee delivery reliability
and even more delivery flexibility




BOM connector

Using BOM Connector, the most complete BOM tool on the market, we are able to load, prepare, clean, format, verify and compare BOM data between the customer data and our ERP system. 


This software adds an essential missing piece to the MES system and provides accurate up-to-date component pricing and availability, which is a huge advantage in the quotation and purchase processes.

JTC Micro Electronics BOM connector
JTC Micro Electronics Extended Warehouse Management

Extended Warehouse Management

All processes, actions and document flows are supported and handled using our Extended Warehouse management System (EWMS). 


En last but not least zijn alle componenten en voltooide PCBA’s op deze manier volledig traceerbaar.

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