JTC understands better than anyone how important Time-to-market is for the healthcare sector, so fast delivery with the highest quality standards is crucial and can make the difference.

We offer fast delivery of electronic boards or electromechanical subassemblies, as well as fully assembled, tested and packaged final products.


The railway industry is characterized by harsh environments where 100% reliable electronics are a must

With our short communication lines, our flexible organization and our focus, we ensure that production cycles are as short as possible.


JTC supports the "Industry and energy" sector from the Design for Manufacture (DfM) & Test (DfT) phase and is able to propose innovative solutions for very varied and differentiated applications, ranging from robotics & energy conversion and storage systems to IoT-based equipment.

Our proposals are highly customizable, but always meet the highest quality standards.

Building Automation & Maintenance

The Internet Of Things (IoT) continues to provide innovations and a new type of smart buildings is rapidly becoming the standard.

Setting up operational systems that provide more accurate information to improve and facilitate day-to-day tasks in working environments and commercial buildings.


From rapid prototyping to industrialization, we have the required services and experience to meet the high expectations of the civil aviation and defense industry.

These industries demand a level of precision and reliability that only the most reliable manufacturer can meet.


At JTC, we deliver industrial innovation using advanced equipment in mechatronics and electronics and provide custom-made complete turnkey solutions.

The ever-growing demand for added value and the continuing need for increased productivity, shorter delivery times and smarter systems are determining the requirements for tomorrow's production processes and equipment.


JTC has experience in producing integrated communication solutions to customers in need of critical solutions that enhance the security of their business and increase the efficiency of their operations.

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